What You Need to Know About Our Paperless Ingoing Reports

The great news you’ve been waiting for – our Paperless Ingoing Reports will be launching within the next month!


Soon your tenants can digitally sign their inspections, once signed a copy is automatically sent back to you and filed away. While they can keep their copies online along with other information you want to provide such as key sheets, lease agreements, customised welcome packs, emergency contacts and general advice.





To start using our Paperless Ingoing Reports, there are a few simple things you need to do: 


1. Add SPF Records

When your welcome pack goes out to the tenant with their ingoing inspection, key sheet, and documentation, it will be emailed from the Inspection Manager system. If email is not enabled, you cannot email from within IM.   


To enable emails, go into the “Settings” tab on your Inspection Manager CMS, then select the ‘Paperless Settings’ tab, the top setting says, “Enable email”. Switch that to ‘On” and you’re good to go.   


For the emails containing the ingoing reports that go out from the Inspection Manager system to not be caught in the tenant’s spam filters or junk mail, we need you to add SPF records for Inspection Manager to your DNS. That way the spam filter will check and see that Inspection Manager can send emails on your behalf.  


We have created a guide and a document for you. All you need to do is pass it along to your IT department and they will handle the rest. Just go into the “Settings” tab on your Inspection Manager CMS, then select the ‘Paperless Settings’ tab. Next to “Are SPF Records added?” there should be a button that says “Fix”. That will bring up a popup with the information you need, you can either download the PDF document and attach it to an email to your IT department or enter their email address into the bar and we will send it to them for you.  


2. Signature template 

We have created a signature template builder for you so that you can create one template for everyone in your office and it will populate with each individual user’s information. That way you can click and add the signature to your email templates and not have to worry about adding them individually. This is essential because it means you can create a single email template with one signature that will show the details of whomever is sending the email. 


To create a signature template, go into the “Settings” tab on your Inspection Manager CMS, then select the ‘Signatures’ tab, you can click the “Add new” button to create a new signature template. Select where your logo sits in your signature, click next then select how many lines of text are in your signature. This will allow us to create a table for your signature so that the logo and text are positioned properly for you. Your brand colours are all on the right under the “Your Colour Palette” section so you can highlight text and change it to suit your brand colours. Use the “Upload Elements” section to upload your logo, you can then click it in “Currently Stored Elements” to add it. You can use the Mail Merge fields to build out your signature from there, this is the information that will change depending on which person is sending the email. If you click “Preview signature” at the bottom left of your screen, it will show you what your personal signature will look like using the template. 


3. Welcome info template

We will provide you with a default email template to send out to your tenants with their paperless reports. You can also create your own using our email template builder.  


To access or make changes to the email templates, go into the “Settings” tab on your Inspection Manager CMS, then select the ‘Email Templates’ tab. You can add a new email template by selecting the “Add new” tile. Enter a name for the template as well as the email subject then choose the inspection type as “Paperless Ingoing”. You can use an existing template by selecting one on the left for different formatting or use the builder on the right to create one from scratch. If you have an email style you prefer, you can upload HTML as well. Once in the template builder, you can use the mail merge fields to add any general information about yourself, the tenant or include a link to the report, which is very important for paperless ingoing reports. You can also select a signature template at the bottom of the screen to add it to your email template.  


4. Emergency contacts 

As part of the welcome pack you send to tenants, you can include emergency contact details for plumbing, electrical and internet provider services.  


To do this, go into the “Settings” tab on your, then select the “Paperless Settings” tab. Under the “Emergency contacts” section, you can then select “Add new” to enter the relevant emergency contact you would like to provide to tenants as part of their welcome pack.   


Use this guide to get started with your Paperless set-up now. We will also be checking in on all IM users to make sure their set-up goes smoothly. If you need extra assistance or have any questions, our support team is always here to help.