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7 Jul 2020

10 Important Things to Remember at Routine Inspections

When it comes to being a great property manager, the importance of routine inspections cannot be understated. Routine inspections allow you to identify and address any maintenance or repair issues. This gives landlords peace of mind, knowing their valued investments are being carefully attended to. The details recorded at routine inspections are also used as evidence in disputes between owners and […]

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6 Jun 2020
4 Apr 2020

What IM Users Need To Know About SPF Records

To make your life easier, Inspection Manager has created an in-built email system within our CMS. This allows you to send emails directly to landlords and tenants without having to open other programs. To use our Paperless Condition Reports or Tenant Assisted Inspections, you need to make sure the in-built email system is properly set […]

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3 Mar 2020