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09 Apr 2020

Tenant Assisted Inspections Now Available on IM

With governments enforcing nation-wide lockdowns and social distancing in response to COVID-19, businesses have experienced major interference with their day to day operations. No one is certain of when things will return to normal.     So now is the time to rethink the What, Why and How of the things we do. Our Product and Development Teams have done exactly that – they have created a […]

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06 Apr 2020

NSW Legislation Changes: New Condition Reports

To our property managers in NSW: As you are likely aware, new legislation affecting Property Condition Reports conducted in New South Wales took effect on Monday 23rd of March. Rest assured that the Inspection Manager team has been hard at work preparing for these changes. An update to the Inspection Manager apps has been released […]

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02 Apr 2020

What IM Users Need To Know About SPF Records

To make your life easier, Inspection Manager has created an in-built email system within our CMS. As you may already know, this allows you to send emails directly to landlords and tenants without having to open other programs. To use our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature, you need to make sure the in-built email system is […]

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23 Mar 2020