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17 Mar 2020
19 Feb 2020

Rental Repairs: Who Is Responsible For What?

Repairs are one of the most common issues that cause legal disputes between landlords and tenants. As the mediator, property managers need to know and educate both parties on whose responsibility it is to prevent and fix damages.     When it comes to understanding the general rules for rental repairs, the Residential Tenancy Act is your best source. According to the […]

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22 Jan 2020

Helpful Tips For Property Managers During Peak Rental Season

The beginning of the year is typically peak rental season and therefore a busy time for property managers. You will be managing vacating tenants, searching for potential tenants and inducting new tenants in much larger numbers. To avoid feeling stressed out during this time, it’s essential that you focus on staying organised and practice working smarter.  Here are a few practical […]

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07 Nov 2019

Pre-Holiday Checklist For Property Managers

You’ve made it to the end of the year! It’s almost time for a well-deserved break over Christmas. But before you switch off from work for the rest of the year, check that you have ticked these tasks off your list first:      1. Keep up with rental arrears  Agencies often see a rise in […]

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