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04 Apr 2013

Update to Queensland Ingoing & Outgoing report templates

Overnight we rolled out some changes to the Queensland Ingoing & Outgoing templates, to customise them a little more and update them with recent legislative changes. You can view a sample online, using the following links; – Ingoing – Outgoing Should you have any queries, concerns or feedback, please feel free to contact us, as […]

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19 Feb 2013
11 Jan 2013

Use shortcuts to save time

Technology these days has changed our lives so much it’s hard to imagine how we “used to do it”. Saving time is just one benefit of technology. When completing your inspections with Inspection Manager, one way you can cut down your time spent is by setting up shortcuts for often repeated phrases.

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01 Jan 2013

About Insight

Established in 1997 as a specialist IT Helpdesk Support company with 4 staff, Insight has since expanded its expertise and team to a respectable 25 team members and 9 different product groupings that we offer and support.

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