26 Nov 2020

Pre-Holiday Checklist For Property Managers

Aren’t you glad it’s almost Christmas? But as a property manager, you probably have a lot to do before you can start thinking about the holidays. So we’ve created a pre-holiday checklist to help you find calm in the chaos.    Announce a holiday closing  The last thing you want while you are enjoying your […]

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20 Nov 2020

CMS Version 2.3.9 Is Here!

Here are the latest improvements we’ve made to the Inspection Manager CMS:   1. Rental amounts for Property Tree clients now display to 2 decimal places rather than whole dollar amounts 2. Resolved issue experienced by a small number of customers where some TAI reports required photos to be recovered by support 3. Resolved issues […]

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28 Oct 2020

The Future of Property Management Beyond COVID-19

There is no doubt that property management has changed a lot since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many agencies, the crisis has compelled them to take on new ideas and practices that aren’t just a temporary solution but will continue to prepare them for the future of property management:    Flexible work arrangements  In response to social distancing measures, many property managers found themselves working from home for the first time. Directors […]

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20 Oct 2020

Release Notes – CMS Version 2.3.6

We have recently released new CMS updates designed to enhance your experience of Inspection Manager and our Paperless Ingoings feature:   • Preview link is now available for inspections in completed status – If you are an NSW office using our Paperless Ingoings you can now generate a link to send to your tenants with […]

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