21 Jun 2019

Routine Inspection Tips That’ll Make Your Life Easier

Have you been trying to find ways to work smarter and not harder, when it comes to routine inspections? According to industry veterans, there are several ways to make this essential part of your job more manageable. To make things easier, we’ve selected four most mentioned best practices for you to take onboard:    Set up and follow a regular schedule  Regular inspections […]

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09 May 2019

How to Set Up Your Paperless Handover System

The great news you’ve been waiting for – our Paperless Handover System will be launching within the next month!    Soon your tenants can receive customised welcome packs, sign for their keys, view emergency contacts and receive and sign their inspections with a few taps of the button. Once they’ve signed online, a copy is automatically sent back to you and filed away. While they can keep their copies online along with any […]

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08 May 2019

7 Most Common Pitfalls in Property Management

As a property manager, you’re no stranger to stress. But the good news is much of this stress is avoidable. To become a successful property manager, there are common pitfalls in property management you need to address. Otherwise, they can escalate into major problems, causing serious damage to your performance and wellbeing.    Here are the most common property […]

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27 Mar 2019

The Story Behind Harmony Day

Harmony Day is an annual celebration that takes place across Australia on the 21st March. It began in 1999, coinciding with the United Nations International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. It’s a time to reflect on the importance of inclusiveness, celebrating diversity, respecting each other and our differences. People from more than 200 countries make up our Australian community and […]

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