Add Video to your Routine Reports!

Want to work smarter, not harder? Our newly released video feature allows you to capture everything during inspections: a leaking tap, a noisy air conditioner, a creaking door…anything that pictures and words alone can’t show.

To use the video feature, simply open the in-app camera during the inspection then hold down on the record button to capture the video. Once you’ve finished recording, tap to add any comments. All videos recorded during the inspection will be in the same section of your report as the photos. For the HTML version, landlords can view the video directly from within the report. For the printed version, landlords can scan the QR code shown on the video using their device – then view the video from within a browser.

We’re offering a free trial of our video feature until 2019. Update your IM app now and impress your landlords by adding a whole new level of detail to your reports using the power of video.