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Pre-Holiday Checklist For Property Managers

Aren’t you glad it’s almost Christmas? But as a property manager, you probably have a lot to do before you can start thinking about the holidays. So we’ve created a pre-holiday checklist to help you find calm in the chaos.    Announce a holiday closing  The last thing you want while you are enjoying your […]

CMS Version 2.3.9 Is Here!

Here are the latest improvements we’ve made to the Inspection Manager CMS:   1. Rental amounts for Property Tree clients now display to 2 decimal places rather than whole dollar amounts 2. Resolved issue experienced by a small number of customers where some TAI reports required photos to be recovered by support 3. Resolved issues […]

The Future of Property Management Beyond COVID-19

There is no doubt that property management has changed a lot since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many agencies, the crisis has compelled them to take on new ideas and practices that aren’t just a temporary solution but will continue to prepare them for the future of property management:    Flexible work arrangements  In response to social distancing measures, many property managers found themselves working from home for the first time. Directors […]

Release Notes – CMS Version 2.3.6

We have recently released new CMS updates designed to enhance your experience of Inspection Manager and our Paperless Ingoings feature:   • Preview link is now available for inspections in completed status – If you are an NSW office using our Paperless Ingoings you can now generate a link to send to your tenants with […]

How to Clean up Your Inspection Manager Data

At Inspection Manager, we’re always finding new ways to help property managers do their best work with technology. One simple yet powerful way to increase your productivity is to cleanse the data on your Inspection Manager CMS and App. Duplicated, incomplete and outdated data is a real killer of work performance. It’s much more likely […]



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