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Enter Our TAI Testimonial Prize Giveaway!

  It’s been four months since the release of our Tenant Assisted Inspections feature (TAI). Now that we have over 700 offices using TAI and over 40,000 TAIs completed, we’d love to know more about your experience with using this feature! This will help us to reach more property managers by giving them a first-hand […]

10 Important Things to Remember at Routine Inspections

When it comes to being a great property manager, the importance of routine inspections cannot be understated. Routine inspections allow you to identify and address any maintenance or repair issues. This gives landlords peace of mind, knowing their valued investments are being carefully attended to. The details recorded at routine inspections are also used as evidence in disputes between owners and […]

7 Inspection Manager Features That Will Make Your Life Easier

Imagine this – you take the same route to work every day and then one day you discover that there is a much shorter route. You realise how much easier and faster it is to get to work using the new route and you only wish you knew about it sooner. It’s the same as […]

How Property Managers Can Adapt To COVID-19 Challenges

For many property managers, working from home on a regular basis is now the new normal. This means rethinking how things are usually done and making changes in response to the challenges brought by COVID-19. So, what can property managers do to stay on track with their work during this time of isolation and social distancing? […]

CMS Version 2.2.4 Is Here!

In response to popular demand from our users, we’ve made a number of updates to our CMS designed to save you more time. CMS version 2.2.4 was released overnight yesterday and it includes the following:   1. Ability to select multiple properties and create new inspections for all of them at once     2. Ability […]



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